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How claims of bodily injury are investigated by insurance adjusters

How claims of bodily injury are investigated by insurance adjusters

Insurance adjusters, before they are able to recommend a specific amount of money to offer to insurance clients for bodily injury claims, are going to go through as many records and look into as many details as humanly possible.

They are (primarily) going to be looking into the following factors:

  • The incident that caused the injuries in the first place
  • The type of injuries that have been caused by the incident and their severity
  • Any and all medical records pre- and post-incident that may shine a bit of light on the situation and the claim

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This is why it is so important for individuals that will be claiming a bodily injury through their insurance do so with the help of a qualified and professional Orange County personal injury lawyer. Only these professionals have the kind of experience necessary to understand how to navigate this process, how to make sure that all records necessary are provided to support the claim in the first place, and how to guarantee that a client’s rights are never violated.

Insurance adjusters are going to be on the hunt for medical opinions that either support or disprove permanent injuries or scarring, but they’re also going to be on the lookout for medical opinions that support or disprove information regarding the severity of injuries, the kind of medical care provided, and the duration of the injury.

It’s also highly likely that they are going to zero in on the level of disability that any particular injury may or may not cause.

Because these adjusters work for the insurance agency, they are going to be looking for ways to lessen the amount of money paid out during bodily injury claims. Though they are supposed to remain as neutral and as objective as possible, they are employees of insurance agencies and are going to be looking to support those that support them.

This is why they look so deeply into past medical records to determine whether or not to previous injuries may have (at least partially) led to the severity of the injuries sustained during a particular incident. To effectively argue these claims, you’re going to want to work with orange county injury attorneys that know exactly what they’re doing, how to form these arguments persuasively, and how to make sure that you get a fair settlement in the end.

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