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Guide on Santa Ana Bicycle Accidents Involving Minors

Most bicyclists suffer serious injuries due to accidental collision with motor vehicles. An injured bicyclist is entitled to a certain degree of compensation under the Santa Ana Bicycle Accidents Law. Even though, the bicyclist is a minor, his right to be compensated for any injuries sustained in that accident is guaranteed under such law.

Who can make a compensation claim on behalf of injured minors in Santa Ana Bicycle Accidents?

Under any circumstances, a minor cannot go to court to litigate even though he or she is the injured party. Only people who have reached 18 years old can go to court. In this instance, who are allowed under the law to represent a minor in court to make claims on his injuries sustained in an accident. The following people could represent the minor child in court on his own behalf, as follows:

  1. The parents of the minor child.
  2. The legal guardian of the minor child.

Can a minor demand compensation for himself if his parents or legal guardians failed to do so?

Yes, he can do it under the following circumstances, as follows:

  1. When he reaches the age of 18 years old, and
  2. When his parents or legal guardian did not file a claim for an insurance compensation.

He could file a personal injury compensation for the injury he sustained in a bicycle accident. The reports of  Santa Ana bicycle Accidents and his medical records would be enough to prove his claims.  With the help of a highly experienced attorney, his claim for compensation will be successful.

Bicycle accidents among minors is very common. This is particularly due that bicycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities for children in the locality. Accidents are inevitable as minors are more reckless than adult individuals.

In getting claims for Santa Ana bicycle accidents, insurance companies always argued that minor children have been always at fault in collision accidents involving motor vehicles and therefore, are not entitled to any compensation. This legal defense might be true, but it does not give the insurance company the right not to compensate the injured minor. Insurance companies have still the legal obligation under the State Law to pay for the medical and hospitalization of the injured minor and some other expenses.

Parents and legal guardians of minors that are bike enthusiasts should be aware that bicycle accidents could happen any time whoever is at fault.

Parents and guardians should immediately consult a highly experienced attorney from Avrek Law Firm once their minor child has an accident, especially a collision with a motor vehicle. Their immediate consultation with the attorney could make a lot of difference in their future insurance compensation claims.

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