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Fatal Santa Ana Bicycle Accident

Fatal Santa Ana Bicycle Accident

On the evening of January 25th 2016, a man was involved in a fatal accident with a bicycle in Santa Ana. Based on a news report   in The Orange County Register, this fatal bike accident happened at the junction of 17th and La Bonita streets. In response to a 911 call from the scene, the police arrived after a few minutes to the scene and found the man lying still in the street, not a muscle moving. Witnesses excitedly reported to the police describing how a vehicle that was travelling in an unspecified direction on the 17th street struck down the man as he was crossing the street with his bike. When the paramedics arrived rushing as fast as the busy streets would allow so as to try saving the victim, they checked the condition and his pulse then pronounced him dead at the scene.

When all this was happening the male driver of the accident-causing vehicle remained at the scene. He stopped just at the scene and did not make any attempt of escape choosing to comply with the law as to what to do after an accident. Even though investigations are still ongoing, police do not believe alcohol or drugs played a major factor in the fatal collision.

We take this opportunity to offer our deepest condolences to family members and the friends of the bicycle accident victim. Please take your time and keep them in your and prayers s they go through this dark trying time of their life. And remember to stay vigilant as you use the road as a driver, cyclist or pedestrian.

Bicycle Accident Statistics

In 2013 there no fatalities however, 200 injuries occurred as a result of bicycle accidents as reported in the city of Santa Ana in California. This report is based on the California Highway Patrol’s 2013 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS). And in the entire Orange County, the report states that nine fatalities and 1,309 injuries occurred that were related to bicycle crashes in the course of the year. We are yet to get our hands on the latest SWITRS report for 2015 or even 2014 for that matter.
What Caused This Fatal Crash?

As this news report has stated, it seems the driver of the vehicle hit the man on the bike as he was crossing the street at 17th and La Bonita streets. However, there are so many questions still hanging just waiting for answers about the crash. What made the driver not to be able to stop the vehicle in time? In this scenario, who had the right of way on that street? Could alcohol and drugs have had a part to play at all? Could it be that the driver was somehow distracted or inattentive at the time of the crash? What if he driver ran a red light or violated one or two traffic rules resulting in the fatal crash? Is there a chance that the condition on the road was bad or dangerous in one way or the other therefore contributing to the accident? And what was the operational state of the vehicle at the time of the crash? What part did the victim play in the accident? Could he be one who was on alcohol and drugs? Could he have flouted traffic rules resulting in this serious accident that cost him his life?  We are confident in the expertise of the investigators and that the truth will come out about the unfortunate incident.

Fault and Liability

The driver could be held responsible in this case and be compelled to take liability for the tragic loss if he is found to be at fault. At this stage an experienced Santa Ana personal injury lawyer can be of help in determining if maybe a dangerous roadway state resulted in this fatality. If it is found that this is the case then the governmental agency that is responsible for maintaining the road or the city can be held to account and be found liable. It is worth remembering that any case of personal injury or wrongful death against a governmental agency must be filed at most 180 days after the incident that caused it

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