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Evaluating Your Claim Being Aware Of How Insurance Adjusters Work

Evaluating Your Claim: Being Aware Of How Insurance Adjusters Work

The role of an insurance provider is two fold; to sell you on an insurance plan that provides the required coverage and to make sure as little is lost through future accidents. The role of an insurance adjuster is to determine how much the insurance company will settle for. The first number that they provide can be considered a best guess.

While many people leave it up to their insurance company to handle any and all payments associated with an accident, others are rightly turning to the advice of local attorney’s to fight for them. For this reason, it is incredibly important that you have your claim looked at by your attorney.

So, how does this process work out? Well, the first thing that is usually itemized are medical bills and records that relate to the accident being paid out for. They will carefully go through what medical evidence exists and attempt to find holes that they can use not to pay. More often then not, looking for alternative explanations for what may have caused the injuries is how this plays out.

For example, say that your legs were damaged when you were in a car accident. An insurance adjuster might claim that the damage to your legs was caused by your love of running, and not the accident you were involved in. In these cases, the insurance company will do its best not to pay the claim, saving themselves money through the process. If you claim way more then the average, this may also raise the ire of a claim adjuster, as they have had enough experience to see a high price and have it raise a red flag for them.

Regardless of the reasons why an insurance company may be fighting you for a payout, you will need assistance. With countless years of experience helping David fight Goliath, we here at Avrek Law Firm strongly believe in your right for professional and legal council. Don’t let the big insurance firms push you around and deny you the compensation you have rightly and legally paid into. Instead, go with a team that will put your best interests to heart, and will help fight for you throughout this process. Contact our Orange County personal injury attorneys at 866-598-5548. We look forward to hearing your case through our free consultation and providing whatever assistance we can.

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How much is your case worth?

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