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9 New Technologies For Driving

Learn About New Technologies for Safer Driving

We all love technology. Especially if it can make our lives safer and more efficient.

The auto industry has taken strides with such features as Automatic Parking, Lane Detection, and Auto Braking with the help of sensors – and in our opinion, this has been for the better.

These features have helped save countless lives and improve the overall driving experience.

But it can’t help but beg the question… What is next for the future of Automobile Technology?

So we created a list of our 9 favorite new auto technologies that are currently in the production or design process and may hit the market before we know it.

#1 – Enhanced Gesture Control 

The technology of using gestures has come a long way with smartphones and now laptops.  The new Multi Media Interface (MMI) systems will allow using a finger to write on the touchpad. This will provide users the ability to make selections quicker and more efficiently than scrolling through options.


#2 – Driver Assistance Systems 

Our cars might not drive themselves in the future, but they are getting closer to that point.

For instance, radars will create a circumference around the vehicle “watching,” essentially sensing accidents before they happen and coordinating with other brakes to avoid them.

#3 – Augmented Reality Heads Up Display 

We have seen augmented reality implemented into our smartphone devices, but we will soon see this technology through our windshields.


The minimalistic design will provide a ton of functionality to the car.  It will keep our eyes up on the road by showcasing relative information that would be found on our center console.

Also, with the assistance of an app called HUBWAY you will be able to view navigation information from your iPhone reflected on your widescreen.

#4 – Communication with Other Vehicles 


No, this is not the vehicles having conversations with each other (regardless of how interesting that may be). Instead, they will use advanced Wi-Fi to transmit their location and speed to avoid accidents and other damaging situations.  This also will help in transmitting traffic information for smoother and less congested roads.

#5 – Wireless Charging for Smartphone Devices 

This may not be as safe as other features, but it is still worth mentioning. Auto companies already have created cars that are Wifi Hotspots, they are now looking into creating a car that can charge your smartphone simply by entering the vehicle.   

#6 – 360 Driver Vision 

Rearview cameras have already shown the demand and necessity in most vehicles.  This will soon be expanding to a full 360-degree view. The advantages here are obvious.  Getting rid of the nasty “blind spot.”

#7 – Self-Healing Paint

This has been around for some time, but have yet to be included in consumer cars yet.  This paint will eliminate surface scratches within minutes.  Deep scratches are obviously a different story.  Hopefully this will become an industry standard moving forward.


#8 – Pedestrian Detection Through Night Vision  


Sophisticated night vision systems are not new to auto markets, although they are too expensive for most drivers. In the future, these systems may become affordable enough to enter the mainstream. By using infrared light, they help drivers detect incoming pedestrians or animals in the dark.

This has been a popular option for those in the Midwest that come in contact with potential wildlife.

# 9 – Adaptive Cruising 

This feature is exactly as cool as it sounds. This feature will adjust your cruising speed (while using cruise control) to match the vehicle ahead of you. The idea is that this the technology will also likely evolve enough to function just as effectively in stop-and-go traffic.  One step closer to automatic driving.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope that these advanced features will help eliminate many of the car accidents we have come accustomed to seeing.

The future may allow a driver who had been drinking, a better alternative on returning home safely.

We hope to create the safest world we can for ourselves, our children, and those we love.  But until car accidents are a thing of the past, we will be here to help.

If you or a loved one ever is injured in a car accident, do not hesitate to contact our office.  We offer free consultations and are always willing to answer your questions.

Now It Is Your Turn

Let us know what you think of the article and what other new auto technologies you would like to see in the future!

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