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15 Tips For New Motorcycle Riders

How New Motorcyclists Can Ride Safe

Many of the ideas that we propose will be obvious at first, and maybe you will take them for granted, although perhaps you have not stopped to think about them long enough.

On the other hand, you may discover new strategies.

And surely you can bring several dozen more tips that you have developed through your own experience or just common sense.

The important thing is to put them all into practice and to share them with those around you.

New ideas can always bring something new into your new motorcycle riding experience.

Be aware of the biggest danger to motorcycles on the roads.

And of course know what to do after being in a motorcycle accident.

Check Out These Tips To Avoid Accidents and Injuries

  • Riding at a high speed

If you are going fast, crouch a little.

We are not saying that you need to rest your entire body on the bike as in races.

However, by leaning forward a little you gain comfort by avoiding much of the air flow.

You may only need to move your buttocks backwards.

  • When riding on urban roads

Do not break on the asphalt ridges that are becoming more common in streets to slow drivers down.

Brake before you reach them so you avoid overloading the forks.

  • Maximum visibility

Do not get too close to trucks, buses or vans.

You must leave enough free space to see what you will find on the road and to control the traffic from the side and not from the center of the lane.

If you can, try to safely pass other vehicles.


riding safe on a motorcycle


  • Braking – You always want to use more front brake compared to the rear brakes. Usually front brakes account for over 70%.
  • Play with the footpegs

Leaning on the outboard corner bracket (right on a left-hand corner) gives you more traction and safety.

Practice it in a place without too much traffic.

When driving straight, when you press the right footpeg the bike goes to the right.

  • Emergency braking

Tightening the tank with your thighs during a hard braking helps your weight not to move forward too much. In this way the fork will work more efficiently by getting rid of added weight.

  • Lane Splitting

Splitting lanes is legal in California as is actually advised sometimes to avoid accidents.

  • Anticipation in curves

You need to prepare for driving into curves.  Braking and reducing speed needs to be done ahead of time.

The important thing is to exit the curve in the proper position to accelerate without problems.

No matter what type of bike you have, the curves are always the same: brake, use lower gears, body and feet in place, and throttle to exit.


motorcycle crash


  • Watch out for animals

As a rookie biker you must know that while you’re on urban roads it is easy for you to come across some kind of animal.

Keep your eyes open for dogs, cows, cats, as all of them can cause terrible injuries or even death if you are not paying enough attention to the road.

  • While driving in a tunnel

Think that when entering a tunnel you can be left without sight for a moment.

Be careful and adjust your pace to the entrance.

Especially in a city and during day time.

  • Linked curves

In a succession of curves, it is better to sacrifice the initial to enter in the second in a better way and so on.

Riding on curvy roads can take some time getting used to.

  • While riding in a group

When you go on the road or travel in town with other motorcycles, do not look exclusively at the one in front.

Many people become obsessed by looking only at the back of the rider in front of them.


how to ride safely


  • Do not get hypnotized by lights during night time

Do not stare at the light of the vehicle in front of you during night time.

Look further: signs, other vehicles, etc. It will be of more help.

Their brake light may not work and it could cause a rear end crash.

  • Luggage

If you are going on a trip of two, three, or more days, it is necessary to make a list in which you write down the essential things to carry during the travel, do not pack items you don’t need.

  • Sign up for a driving course

Driving schools are very useful. Choose those courses that include slalom, brakes, etc.

It is good to know where your limits are at.

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