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Semi-truck Blind Spot Accidents

These accidents occur when a driver hasn’t adjusted their mirrors properly or when changing lanes, and they are not able to check their blind spots well.

A blind spot is the part that isn’t visible to the eye when the driver is looking forward or when he is relying on side mirrors.

Trucks are larger than average cars and this makes their blind spot larger. This results in many blind spot accidents caused by semi-trucks each year.

Truck blind spot accidents are serious since they can cause severe injuries or even death especially when a car crashes into a much larger truck.

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  • Section 1: What is a Semi-truck Blind Spot accident?
  • Section 2: Main Causes of Semi-truck Blind Spot accidents
  • Section 3: How to avoid Semi-truck Blind Spot accidents
  • Section 4: Common Injuries caused by Semi-truck Blind Spot accidents
  • Section 5: Who is liable in a Semi-truck Blind Spot accident?
  • Section 6: Semi-truck Blind Spot accident statistics
  • Section 7: Why You Need a Lawyer If You’re Injured in a Semi-truck Blind Spot Accident?

What is a Semi-truck Blind Spot accident?

A semi-truck blind spot accident is an accident that happens between a truck and another vehicle as a result of the blind spots.

There are some spots that the truck driver isn’t able to see another vehicle and this leads to a collision, underrides or rear end accidents.

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Main Causes of Semi-truck Blind Spot Accidents

Semi-truck blind spot accidents mainly happen because of other drivers who don’t know how to drive while they are near or adjacent to a truck.

There are several reasons why trucks are more involved in blind spot accidents as compared to smaller vehicles.

The length and the height of the truck are contributing factors and the other is that trucks have no rear view mirror and so the driver isn’t able to see the vehicles that are behind him.

Here are other reasons:

  • 18 wheelers are normally 60 to 70 feet long and if it is a triple trailer, it can be 105 feet long and therefore there is limited visibility on either side of the truck and in the front and the back.
  • One would think that the height of a truck is an advantage but contrary to this, it isn’t since it is difficult for the truck driver to see a low lying car.
  • The height of the truck also makes it difficult for the driver to see cars that are up close.
  • It is also impossible for trucks to see cars that are in dark grey areas.
  • Drivers not adjusting their mirrors properly
  • Drivers not looking properly while changing lanes
  • Distracted drivers

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How to Avoid Semi-truck Blind Spot Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in 1994 introduced the No-Zone program to teach members of the public how to safely share the roads with large trucks and buses.

FMCSA classifies No-Zone areas as areas “where cars disappear from the view of the truck or bus driver”.

Majority of accidents that occur between trucks and other vehicles occur in the No-Zone areas.

The American Trucking Association (ATA) and the No-Zone Program advices drivers of passenger vehicles the following:

  • Never cut in front of trucks

Large trucks need to cover long distances to stop and cutting in front of them may cause an accident since they may not be able to stop in the required time period.

Before pulling into a lane in front of a truck, ensure that you can see the whole front end of the truck.

  • Avoid driving along the side of a truck

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If you are driving and you are next to a truck, either overtake the truck or slow down and go behind it so that the driver can see you.

This way you will be out of the blind spot. If you want to know that you are out of the blind spot, you can see the drivers face on his side mirror.

  • When possible, pass on the left side.

The driver in the cab of the truck has a smaller blind spot on the left side as compared to the right side.

The blind spot on the right side extends to three lanes out and runs the length of the entire truck.

  • When behind the truck, ensure you leave a 20 to 25 car length gap.

Trucks don’t have a rear view mirror and therefore the driver can’t see anything that is behind the truck.

In case the truck driver has to make a sudden stop or he has to make a maneuver, if you are too close to the truck you may rear-end it.

Trucks also create a lot of wind pressure and this is dangerous for cars that are close behind.

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Common Injuries Caused by Semi-truck Blind Spot Accidents

Injuries caused by semi-truck blind spot accidents can be life threatening. These are some the injuries that can occur:

Who is Liable in a Semi-truck Blind Spot Accident?

It is a requirement that truck drivers be alert when they are driving huge vehicles.

When driving, they should be careful when switching lanes, when turning and slowing down since all these actions create blind spots for the driver.

When a semi-truck blind spot accident occurs, investigations are done to find out who is liable. In some cases it can be the driver or the company that employed the driver that is liable.

If you are involved in a semi-truck accident you always want to get a police report to help your settlement and case.


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Semi-truck Blind Spot Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each year, there are 840,000 blind spot accidents in the United States that cause 300 fatalities.

80 percent of all accidents that involve a truck are usually the fault of the other driver.

Why You Need a Lawyer If You’re Injured in a Semi-truck Blind Spot Accident?

An experienced lawyer will pursue your claim and ensure that you get compensated for the injuries and damages that were caused.

Ensure you get a lawyer who has previously handled semi-truck blind spot accident cases since they know how to handle insurance companies and defense attorneys representing the other party.

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