Bike Accident Lawyers

Cycling is popular in Santa Clara.

Since its invention and mass production, cycling has become a popular form of transportation.

From the child who first learns that a bicycle can give you the freedom to travel on your own, to adults who resort to cycling for exercise and family outings, cycling provides many wonderful recreational opportunities.

However, accidents involving cyclists are common.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s most recent statistics, in 2010, there were 618 motorcycle-related cyclist fatalities, and more than 52,000 cyclists were injured in vehicle accidents in the United States.


Top Causes of Bike Accidents

Bicycle accidents, similar to motorcycle accidents, sometimes happen when the driver cannot “see” the bicycle on the road.

In legal terms, it means the driver failed to adhere to the right-of-way.

Cyclists have the right to share the road with other vehicles without danger.

A driver can be negligent when he or she does not check his or her surroundings properly for cyclists while changing lanes or making a turn.

Other types of bicycle accidents in Santa Clara include the following situations:

  • The door of a car opens as a cyclist passes by.
  • The driver is distracted (possibly due to talking on a mobile phone or texting).
  • A drunk driver crashes with a cyclist.
  • A driver misses a stop sign or runs a red light
  • In some cases, a defective bicycle part can cause an accident. Examples of defective components include tires, brakes, pedals, foot clips and the bicycle frame.

If you were injured, you may be eligible to receive compensation to cover medical bills, loss of income and rehabilitation costs, in addition to other potential damages.

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Common Injuries From Bicycle Accidents

When it comes to injuries sustained in bicycle accidents, there are a range of potential injuries.

Every accident is different and adverse in its own way. Probably the most common serious injury is clavicle fracture.

A cyclist by instinct will try to extend his or her arms as he or she falls, and unfortunately the force of the impact can lead to the fracture of the clavicle.

Obviously, cyclists have little protection against a vehicle and being thrown headlong into traffic or a hit against the asphalt can result in serious injuries such as:

  • Back and spinal injuries
  • Contusions
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Head injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Death

Hospital Bills For a Bike Accident

The mentioned injuries above can change the life of the victims completely as well as produce catastrophic results for their relatives.

For that reason, it is of the utmost importance that you hire a lawyer with experience and knowledge in this type of accident so that you can protect your legal rights.

When you hire Avrek Law Firm, you can be confident that you are hiring a lawyer with experience in bicycle accidents in Santa Clara.

Any cyclist involved in an accident as a result of a collision with a motor vehicle could suffer catastrophic and permanent injuries.

Our firm has years of experience and working for maximum compensation for all injuries and medical bills.

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What is My Bike Accident Claim Worth?

  • Future or past medical expenses
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of ability to receive income
  • Assistive devices (wheelchairs, hearing aid, visual, etc.) and transport
  • Loss of property (damage to the bicycle)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental distress and emotional stress
  • Disfigurement
  • Not being able to enjoy life


How Long Do I Have To Take Legal Action?

A statute of limitations provides the law for the period of time during which a person must file their claim or risk losing their legal rights forever.

In California there is a 2 year general time period during which you can sue (or be sued) for personal injury damages, such as those incurred in bicycle accidents.

Is a Lawyer Necessary? How Much Does It Cost?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident due to another driver’s negligence in Santa Clara, Avrek Law Firm can help.

Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you win your case.

During the free consultation, our legal experts will speak personally with you to discuss the facts and factors of your case by carefully reviewing the reason for your injuries and will also tell you what your rights are.

However, Avrek Law Firm, takes all personal injury cases under “contingency payment.”

It means that you do not pay in advance and you only pay a fee if Avrek wins your case.


Bike Accident Checklist – What To Do After An Accident

In the event that you are involved in a bicycle accident in Santa Clara, first use common sense, and take the following tips:

Your health comes first

The first thing to do is to seek medical attention. In some cases, you may feel that your injury is not serious enough to go to a doctor, but it is a good idea to go see a professional and examine yourself, this can reduce the risk of complications, permanent scars and infections. Some injuries will not manifest immediately after an accident, such as pain in the wrist, neck pain or back problems. In the event that they arise later, it is important to seek medical help and above all to ask for a record that documents your injuries if what you are looking for is compensation.

Get all the basic information

Getting as much information about the accident as possible is a matter of priority. Among the most important documents to be obtained is a record of the place and time of the accident, the names and specifics of all the persons involved including the information of all witnesses who were at the scene of the accident and police reports. Take photos of the place where the accident occurred and also take photographs of injuries and damage to your property. Graphic images are important as they can be used as evidence.

Contact the police

The next step is to call the police because in some cases, they can offer a quick response and even help you get medical care. The police must draft a police report and you should make sure you get a copy of that report.

Collect and store important information

Once the police have concluded with the use of evidence, that in this type of case would be your personal items such as your helmet, clothing and any other item you used at the time of the accident, remember to add it to your material file to the case. And the same thing happens with the receipts and invoices of the repairs of your bicycle and if you buy any other protective equipment or accessories for your bicycle, it is also advisable to save them.

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