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If you’ve been in an accident while you were riding your bike in Laguna Niguel, California, USA, you need to know that justice may be at your fingertips.

If someone else (or a company or entity) was responsible for your injuries, you may be in line to receive a lucrative settlement.

However, without the skills of an experienced and driven Laguna Niguel bike accident attorney at your side, you may find that getting the monies that you need and deserve is an uphill climb.

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Bike Accident Statistics

In terms of statistics for bike accidents in the area, there’s a lot less information available than there is for automobile and pedestrian accidents.

However, research does pinpoint certain trends and this research is derived from surveys.

First off, and obviously, bikes are very different from cars, trucks and motorcycles.

After all, most people ride bikes for fun, while less commute to work or to educational facilities on bicycles.

For this reason, it’s not possible to create a linear comparison. Basically, bikes are generally utilized for trips of shorter durations, versus vehicles with motors.

For this reason, cyclists tend to stay closer to their homes, unless they are transporting their bicycles to other places in particular ways.

Lastly, cyclists may often have the opportunity to ride on dedicated bike paths which are vehicle-free. On such paths, cyclists don’t tend to get in many accidents.

Now, let’s talk about current information about bike accidents, with a mind to examining why they occur and how they may be prevented.

The most caring and community-minded bike accident attorneys in the city help victims to seek out settlements which assist them with covering medical and other accident-related expenses.

In addition, they partner with community organizations and individuals that want to promote better bicycle safety.

During 2013, a major survey called the “National Survey of Pedestrian and Bicyclist Attitudes” was published, via the American Dept. of Transportation.

This report detailed a variety of factors which affect the way that bikes are ridden in the nation. The survey reported that fifty-seven million persons (twenty-three percent of all Americans over the age of sixteen) rode bikes at least one time per annum, usually, in the warm-weather months.

Out of these fifty-seven million riders, twenty-five percent rode for fun. Another twenty-five percent rode in order to get or stay fit. A scant five percent rode in order to get from Point A to Point B.

Fifty percent of bike riders chose to travel on paved roadways, while thirteen percent utilized bicycle trails. It’s good news that cyclists enjoy bike paths, as they are really much safer than paved roads and highways. Typically, people ride their bikes for only a mile or an even shorter distance. In 2014, fifty-two thousand people were hurt and six hundred and eighteen people were killed in bike accidents.

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All of these figures are for all of America, not just Laguna Niguel.

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