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Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers

According to the US Census Bureau, 1.2 percent of people in Los Angeles cycle to work. Among them, 1.8 percent are men while 0.6 percent are women and this brings the overall to 1.2 percent. The main reason why there are not many women using bicycles to get around the streets of Los Angeles is that the roads aren’t regarded as safe to cyclists. With the large amount of bike riders and car’s on the LA roads, it’s no surprise that accidents do happen. If you are ever injured while riding your bicycle in Los Angeles then rest assured that you can contact Avrek Law and get answers to your questions today. The highest number of bikers in Los Angeles are in The University of Southern California and in South Los Angeles.

With over 30 years experience, the Los Angeles bike accident lawyers at Avrek Law have been helping injured cyclists for years.

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Common Bicycle Injuries

Bicycle accidents can be very scary and traumatizing to the cyclist. Depending on how bad the accident is, some accidents can result in a lot of pain or total incapacatation. There are several injuries a person can get while cycling and these include a head injury, concussions, paralysis, fractured bones, an injury to the spinal cord, a broken pelvis (acetabula fracture), road rash injuries, damage to internal organs and traumatic brain injury. Cycling accidents can also lead to death if not permanent injuries to your body. Dealing with a serious injury after a bicycle accident in Los Angeles can be painful, costly, and stressful, all reasons why you should hire a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney to help you.

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Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway traffic Safety Administration, these are some of the statistics about bicycle accidents in Los Angeles.

  • Majority of deaths in bicycle accidents are as a result of a collision between motor vehicles and bicycles.
  • 45 percent of bicycle accidents that involve a bicycle and a car occur at intersections
  • 20 percent of all the bicycle accidents are among children aged 5 – 15
  • The most emergency room admissions are because of cycling
  • The most common cause of death out of a cycling accidents is injury to the head and brain
  • Bicycle accidents mainly occur in car traffic, driveways, bike paths and parks.
  • Cycling is allowed on sidewalks in Los Angeles except if the cyclist has shown ‘wanton’ or wilful’ behavior.
  • There are 1,200 miles of bike ways in Los Angeles. However, many cyclists choose to use the thoroughfares and end up competing for space with cars.
  • At one point in time, Los Angeles was considered to be the cycling capital of the world and even there are parts of Pasadena Freeway that was a bike way.

Common causes for Bike Accidents

There are several leading causes of bike accidents in Los Angeles. These include:

  • Cars drifting into cycling lanes
  • Lack of attention from drivers as they pull out of parking areas
  • Bicycles hitting the doors of vehicles when the driver in the car opens the door
  • Cycling team accidents
  • Crosswalk accidents
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Cyclists not stopping at STOP signs.
  • Cyclists not wearing visible gear
  • Cyclists riding on the opposite direction of traffic

California Bicycle Laws

In the State of California, cyclists and drivers have the same rights in using the road in the absence of adjacent bike lanes. Automobile drivers according to the law should give bicycles the same rights of using the road as they would do to other vehicles. For help and immediate help from a LA bike accident lawyer call us  at 866-598-5548.

What to do after a Cycling Accident

In the event you are involved in a bike accident and you are conscious, take the following steps:

Your Health First

The first thing you should do is seek medical attention. In some cases, you may feel you are not injured but it is a wise idea to go and see a doctor and get an examination. Seeing a doctor can reduce your chances of getting complications, permanent scarring and serious infections. There are some pains that may not be immediately apparent after an accident such as wrist pain, neck pain or back problems. In case they arise later, it is important you show that you sought medical help if you are seeking compensation.

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Get Basic Information

Get as much information about the accident as you possible can. The most important things you should get a record of are the time and place of the accident, the specific names of all the people involved and contact information of any witnesses that are on the location of the accident. Take pictures of the site where the accident took place and pictures of injuries caused to your body and damage caused to your property. These photos are important since you can use them as evidence.

Contact the Police

This is the next step. Call the police and in some cases, they may offer swift response and even get you medical attention. The police will also file a police report. Ensure you get a copy of this report. Once the police go through the evidence, ensure you keep the materials such as your helmet, clothes and any other items that you were wearing. Remember also to keep the receipts if you repair or replace your bike and if you buy any other protective equipment or accessories for your bike.

Limit contacts with insurance companies

An insurance adjuster of the driver is likely to call you after the accident. Once they contact you, ask for the details of the caller and of the company that he is working for. You should also ask for the claim number and get more information about the policy medical coverage limits. This is all you should ask for. Don’t discuss with them about the accidents or make any statements or sign any forms. This is because the insurance may offer less compensation that the full value of the claim.

Contact a Lawyer

Your own insurance company may contact you too. This is especially the case when the driver who hit you lacked insurance or was underinsured. If this happens, before giving them any reply ensure you contact a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can protect your rights and stand for your best interests. For more information on your own check out our personal injury calculator.

Most Common Bicycle Accident Spots in Los Angeles

The most bike accidents in Los Angeles are in Olympic Boulevard, Venice Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. These locations are common to see bike accidents mainly due to the high amounts of traffic and commuters that travel on these roads daily. If you have been injured call Avrek bike lawyers at 866-598-5548.

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Bike Safety Tips

  • Wear a helmet while cycling
  • Obey the traffic signs, lights and road markings
  • When there is a cycle track available, ride on it
  • Keep a safe distance from other cars and bicycles in case they break
  • Don’t carry passengers
  • Don’t hold onto other vehicles
  • Don’t use your phone while cycling or listen to music
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