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Facts about Buena Park, California

Buena Park is located in Orange County, California and it is a place with plenty of traffic. Since it is in close proximity to Cypress and Anaheim, there is a plethora of thru traffic from these bustling cities.
While Buena Park isn’t large (it’s roughly similar in size to La Palma, which measures two and a half miles), traffic congestion can definitely be a problem. Most small cities have similar traffic congestion issues.
If you’re gotten into a bicycle accident on Buena Park’s roadways, you’ll need the right legal firepower at your side. The best type of attorney will be a bicycle injury attorney who operates in the locality. Our team of skilled bicycle
injury attorneys do operate in this area and they will be able to give you expert advice about your personal injury
claim. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you have a chance at winning a claim, they’ll also be able to let you know what the odds of success are likely to be.
A typical attorney who practices standard law won’t be able to offer the same specialized assistance. This is why we’ll offer a better standard of service. Your attorney should know bicycle injury cases inside and out. To put thing into perspective, if you needed help with a job injury case, you’d probably look for a worker’s compensation attorney. Since a lot of personal injury lawyers don’t have experience with bike crash claims, we offer the type of specialization that clients really need.
Each and every year, bike crash incidents for Orange County number in the thousands.
Some cyclists suffer fatalities, while others are hurt. To help protect cyclists and automobile drivers, let’s talk about some tips which will help to keep cyclists and drivers safe.
Before we begin, you should know that cyclists who have followed road rules and get into accidents may be in line for compensation. It’s possible for them to access this type of compensation if they file claims against drivers who a
re at fault in these accidents.
A talented and educated bicycle crash attorney will be able to assist those who have been injured…or help to get justice for family members who’ve lost loved ones due to bike crashes.

Drivers Should Pay More Attention

Drivers have a lot of responsibility and they need to take this responsibility seriously. This means paying close attention to what’s happening at all angles and yielding the right-of-way to cyclists, just as they would to other cars, trucks and motorbikes. However, a lot of drivers don’t even see cyclists until an accident has actually occurred.
Motorists need to be aware that cyclists have equal rights.
They may become more aware by learning State of California rules…
  •  Drive Slowly in Residential Zones – A lot of bicycle accidents involve kids who are on their bikes in their neighborhoods. If you’re driving through a residential region, it’s important to keep an eye out for kids or teens who are riding bicycles. It’s also wise to slow down and keep a vigilant attitude. You need to give yourself time to react if a bike rider crosses your path.
  • Watch the Road Carefully – You shouldn’t be checking your smart phone or talking too intensely to passengers while you’re behind the wheel. In addition, both of your hands should always be on the wheel. If you’re distracted, pull over and pull yourself together. A lot of accidents happen because drivers are distracted.
  • Give Cyclists Some Room – Don’t crowd cyclists. They should be cycling on the far-right side of traffic – however, now and then, they will need to move to the left in order to avoid obstructions, such as parked vehicles, road construction and soon. Giving them plenty of space will protect you from getting into an accident if a cyclist does veer off course suddenly.
  • Double-check Before You Turn – Always look two times before you turn or enter traffic. A lot of cycle crashes in the county are related to drivers who went into traffic without yielding the right of way to those who were riding their bikes. In addition, get into the habit of looking behind your car before you turn left or right.
  • Watch for Cyclists at Night – Keep an eye out for reflective pedals, bike lights or other signs that a cyclist is close by. Try not to drive when you’re really tired and pay lots of attention to roadways at night.

Suggestions for Cyclists

Drivers aren’t the only ones who need to be careful and follow the rules. Here are some things that cyclists should do while they’re riding their bikes in Orange County…
  •  Wear Brighter Clothes – Don’t dress dark! Make it possible for drivers to see you by wearing brighter clothes. Clothing with reflective strips will be a great choice.
  • Meet a Driver’s Eyes – There is great value in making eye contact with a driver before you enter traffic, such as an intersection. Don’t assume that you’ve been seen and will be granted the right of way.
  • Indicate Your Intentions – Signal or find another way to let drivers know what you’re planning to do.
  • Obey Traffic Lights/Signs – Don’t run stop signs and red lights! It’s against the law and it’s just too risky.
  • Keep on the Right – Cyclists belong on the far right at all times.

Steps to Take If You’ve Been Hurt

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