Bakersfield Oil Rig Accident Lawyers

An Oil Rig Injury Doesn’t Have to Devastate Your Family

Drilling for oil can be an incredibly dangerous profession; with long working days, highly combustible materials, cranes swinging overhead–all while you’re on a slippery surface on an isolated rig hundreds of miles from the coast. Even with those treacherous conditions, accidents are rare but tend to be catastrophic when they occur.

Low probability, high consequence

Even though incidents occurring on an oil rig are rare, any type of explosion that occurs hundreds of miles from land or assistance has the potential to be fatal or cause devastating injuries to individuals. The best help that most individuals involved in an accident can hope for is to be sealed into an inflatable life pod that with any luck will keep them safe until the Coast Guard arrives some period of time later.

Most accidents are covered by maritime law

One of the most important things for survivors of an oil rig accident to know is that any injuries or death resulting from an accident on an oil rig is covered under maritime law, which has rules that can be very different from other forms of law. Not all incidents are covered by maritime law, some may be covered by various state laws. The only way to know for sure is to contact a qualified oil rig injury attorney. For instance, fixed platforms are likely to be considered an island of the contiguous state, and incidents that occur on them may be covered by the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act; while other injuries can be caused by third-parties such as negligent contractors or equipment manufacturers and will fall under yet another type of law.

Improper safety procedures can cause harm

Safety precautions, when used effectively, may prevent many types of workplace accidents; however when workers are stressed and over-tired, or pushed beyond their limits due to quotas–that’s when accidents occur. If you or a family member has been injured due to violation of federal or state safety regulations you may be due compensation for your pain, suffering, disability or lost wages should your employer be found negligent. Other types of injuries that may be covered include accidents that happen while being transported to or from the scene of a safety event, such as a helicopter ride to safety.

Crowded rigs = high profits

Did you know that the more workers oil companies can crowd on a rig, the better the profits? More workers means more work getting completed in a shorter period of time, and in the high-dollar business of oil drilling, time is money. However, crowding can contribute to the hostile work environment and can significantly increase the chance that a serious accident will occur. Crowding on a rig can cause significant injuries when simple things such as a slip and fall, falling objects, negligence while operating equipment, cabling or block breaks, or faulty grating occurs.

Lost wages are just the start

While most injured individuals immediately think of their lost wages, there are myriad other expenses to consider when a devastating accident occurs: medical expenses, the need to modify your lifestyle or your home, ongoing physical therapy or medications and a loved one’s lost income while they care for you during rehabilitation. All of these instances can have a negative impact on your overall, ongoing quality of life and can be cause for compensation in the case of negligence by your employer, contractor or equipment manufacturer.

Get help, keep hope

If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of offshore or fixed-location oil drilling accident, help is near. The Bakersfield oil rig lawyers of Avrek Law Firm have been successfully supporting families just like yours for over 30 years and will fight to assure you receive the justice that you and your family deserve. Contact One of Our Oil rig Injury Lawyers today at 866-598-5548 to schedule a free initial consultation Bakersfield oil rig accident attorney.

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