Bakersfield Car Accident Lawyers

Every day in Bakersfield there are car accidents.  Accidents may lead to time off of work as well as short and long-term disability. If you want a fair shot at getting compensation for an accident, then you will need to know what your legal options are.  As every car accident is different, it can be hard to know where you stand until you seek legal council.  With it, you will have the representation you need to confidently move forward while you seek compensation.

Car accidents occur with far more frequency then you might expect, requiring individuals to quickly find legal help.  According to Bakersfield accident statistics, more then 9 people are injured in Kern county because of cars every day.  In addition, more then 100 people were killed in 2014, and 3,100 were injured.  As Bakersfield continues to grow and the streets become increasingly crowded, the chance of accidents is only increasing.  As a final sobering statistic, nearly 20 people died and hundreds more were injured from alcohol related accidents alone last year.

The best defense in terms of litigation is a good offense that stops legal council from being needed.  By practicing a few accident prevention habits, you can dramatically reduce the chance of getting in an accident.  One of the easiest things you can do to decrease being at fault is to put away your phone.  A common cause of accidents, phone related collisions are all too common.  In addition, staying sober helps to dramatically decrease the chance you will be called.  When intoxicated, you risk the lives of yourself and everyone else on the road.  With many opportunities for mass transportation and even taxi services, it is always better to be safe then sorry.  An additional thing that you can be mindful of is how tired you are.  With sleep deprivation having the same result as intoxication, not getting enough rest will slow your reaction time and increase your risk of being in an accident.  As two final considerations, check your speed as well as blind spots.  When driving on local roads, it is easy to pick up a familiarity with the route and a comfort at driving at higher speeds.  The trouble however is that more often then not we take a back seat when on local roads and end up going far faster then we should.  Along with your speed, be mindful of your blind-spots.  Work with your mirrors to eliminate as much of the blind-spot as possible.  In addition, know exactly where your blind-spots are and work on a way to look back and check prior to merging lanes or turning.

While the above suggestions are great for reducing the risk of a crash, they cannot guarantee that you will be involved in an accident.  Generally speaking, accidents turn out ok when both drivers are being safe.  If an accident occurs, there is a particular protocol that you should follow to ensure both your rights in the moment as well as your legal rights later on if it goes to court.    The first thing you should do is check for injury.  If no one is injured, then you must get the name and contact information of the other person.  This includes their insurance information.  Write all of this down so that you have a record of it.  In addition to writing down their information, be sure to write down everything you remember.  As a final note, never admit that it was your fault.

You should also be cautious when it comes to insurance companies.  Make sure you follow their correct procedure for filing a claim as this will be crucial later on.  While we would all like the other driver and insurance agencies to play fairly, it is not always the case.  Protect yourself by keeping copies of all information and store it in a safe place.


If something happens during the process and your rights are being ignored, then it may be time to get fair compensation.  With more then 30 years helping Bakersfield residents fight for their rights, Avrek Law Firm can represent you in your accident case.  Treating every case with the dignity and respect it deserves, you can be sure that Avrek Law Firm will fight for you from the first time you meet until the case is done.  If you would like to learn more or schedule a free consult, then please call 866-598-5548.

Maryam Parman, Avrek Law