Bakersfield Bus Accident Attorneys

Causes of bus accidents

There can be any number of causes for a bus accident, including some of the same reasons other motor vehicle accidents occur. However, buses have an added layers of complexity because they may be significantly older than most passenger vehicles, be on a specific schedule that they don’t want to fall behind on, and the bus driver could be relying on out-of-date or just be misinformed on the quality of the recent maintenance to the vehicle including tires. Insufficient tire tread can cause dangerous situations even in sunny weather, but if you add in the potential of rain, sleet, snow or ice–bad tires can and do become downright deadly.

A different kind of legal support

Many attorneys are adept at handling personal injury cases, but bus accidents can be much more complex and require specific skill-sets. Sometimes questions come up regarding who the true defendant is, especially in the case of government-run entities such as public transportation, school buses, light rail train or taxi cabs. There can be confusion around the laws that govern the specific handling of injury claims that could lead to a delay in receiving necessary funds that are due to you or your loved ones as a crash victim. It’s important to find an attorney to represent you who fully and adequately understands the questions to be answered in cases against municipalities, school districts and private entities.

Accident insurance companies

You may have been contacted by an insurance company shortly after you suffered a loss during a bus accident. With any luck, you had already obtained legal counsel so you know your rights and understand that the bus insurance companies are not on your side! They work very hard to be sure that their clients–the bus companies–are held liable for as few out-of-pocket dollars as possible in the event of an accident. You may even be entitled to compensation from the government or mass transit authorities, depending on your specific circumstances. A personal injury attorney helps you protect your rights against these big businesses who have a lot to lose by allowing your claim to go unsettled, so they will push you to quickly settle and sign away your rights. While bus company insurance agencies may seem like a friendly face trying to help, always know that they work for the bus company that caused your loss or injury, and they are not on your side! Their goal is to aid quick resolution, keep costs and damages to a minimum, and protect their client from bad press.

Determining fault after a bus injury can be especially challenging, as multiple parties can be involved at various levels; everyone from the bus driver and the bus company to equipment manufacturers, government entities and other negligent drivers.

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Maryam Parman, Avrek Law