2017 High School Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying Scholarship 2017


anti bullying


Avrek hopes to educate parents and teenagers about the problems that our society faces now due to a connected world.

Please read more about our scholarship opportunity and join us in the battle to stop online harassment and bullying.

Our goal at Avrek Law is to get high school students involved to help end cyberbullying.

We are offering the “End Cyberbullying Scholarship Award” for high school seniors – a $750 scholarship to help cover college expenses.


An employee here at Avrek Law lost a niece to cyberbullying and we hope to bring awareness to kids and families about the problem.



Apply For Scholarship

To apply for the scholarship please answer one of the following questions with a short essay – between 500 and 750 words.

Question 1. Why is it important to stop cyberbullying?

Question 2. How has cyberbullying affected your life?


Email Entries To


Please include the following:

first name, last name, best way to contact you?


Application Deadline

July 31st, 2017

Number of Awards


Scholarship Amount