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Even the most minor accident can at times lead to debilitating and long term injury. The consequences of such an incident may have profound repercussions on quality of life and earning ability. For this reason, our celebrated personal injury attorneys are best placed to assess and defend any injury claim arising out of an accident.

Avrek Law Firm has presided over many personal injury cases in Santa Monica and throughout California. Our extensive expertise and experience has been garnered through three decades of dedicated personal injury law practice. Our aggressive and dedicated lawyers have fought and secured over $100m in personal injury compensation in the last 16 years alone.

Santa Monica, Ca

Located west of Los Angeles, this lovely beachside city of nearly 90,000 people is aptly named after a Christian saint. The lovely environs and great climate has seen many celebrities call it home, and elevated it to a famous resort city. Tourism and entertainment has been the bed rock of the Santa Monica economy, since the arrival of the railway and the Santa Monica Freeway decades ago. This beautiful city also boasts as the birthplace of beach volleyball.

Personal injury concerns in Santa Monica

This world famous city has unfortunately not been spared the horrors of vehicular accidents and medical malpractice. Too many tired and careless truckers have caused untold suffering on innocent persons. Many drunk drivers routinely hit an innocent cyclist or pedestrian. Even the best hospitals and medical practices have been found guilty of shoddy and negligent treatment of patients. Slip and fall accidents are also common in the many buildings and establishments in Santa Monica.

These incidents at times cause only minor injury. However, they can result in serious injury, such as spine and brain trauma. Such injuries require very costly treatments over a long period, not to mention extensive rehabilitation. In other instances innocent persons have been killed by the careless actions of drivers and doctors. All these cases are entitled to just and fair compensation under California law.

What is a personal injury claim?

Any person injured either willfully, or through the negligence of another person should pursue a personal injury claim. The spouse or children of a person killed in such accidents are entitled to a wrongful death claim, to be compensated for the loss of their loved one and earnings. These claims ideally lead to a personal injury settlement by an insurance company. However, most insurers are primarily driven by the desire to mint money, and will use bad faith tactics to deny or underpay a claim.

Who can help?

An injured person should seek representation by a California personal injury law firm. Our dedicated and expert lawyers provide all residents of Santa Monica with the highest standard of legal representation. We have also assisted families and dependents of people killed in accidents, to ensure they receive just compensation for their pain and suffering.

It is important to contact our Santa Monica personal injury attorney as soon as you can after an accident. This is because every case requires careful preparation of medical, police, and witness reports. These are the cornerstone of every personal injury claim arising from a bicycle accident, car accident injury, and medical malpractice, among many others. Car accidents in particular require the attention of an experienced car accident attorney at Avrek Law Firm, due to their extremely complex nature.

What does compensation cover?

A personal injury settlement is aimed at compensating an injured person for the following:

  • All costs of medical treatment including rehabilitation and ambulance fees
  • Legal costs of pursuing the claim
  • Lost past and future earnings arising out of inability to work
  • Loss of consortium in a relationship
  • Mental anguish and trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of support for a spouse and dependents

Why is a lawyer important?

You have the legal right to represent yourself in a personal injury claim. However, it is important to remember that any legal matter is usually fraught with obstacles and complex nuances. A simple and straight forward claim may get very complex, once highly skilled and well paid insurance lawyers tear it apart.

Furthermore, negotiating with an insurer requires adept skill and experience, which a novice may not be suited for. These negotiations can usually be bitter and protracted, which places undue stress on an injured person and his family. Insurance companies are also well known for using tough and merciless tactics against claimants.

You are therefore better served by our team of dedicated and highly aggressive attorneys. We have the legal knowledge to beat insurers at their tactics, and secure fair and just compensation for our clients. Attorneys at Avrek Law Firm have been honored countless times as dedicated and successful defenders of personal injury claimants.

Contact us today for the best legal representation for all personal injury cases.