LA JOLLA: David Strobridge, 22, Killed In Car Accident With Runaway Garbage Truck That Pinned Him Against Wall Near Herschel Avenue

LA JOLLA: David Strobridge, 22, Killed In Car Accident By Runaway Garbage Truck That Pinned Him Against Wall Near Herschel Avenue


LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA (October 5, 2017) – A 22-year-old sanitation worker was killed in a tragic car accident after his garbage truck inadvertently rolled into him and pinned him against a wall.

La Jolla police have been able to identify the worker that died in the accident as 22-year-old David Strobridge. Investigators are saying that the trash truck was unoccupied before the deadly accident by Herschel Avenue.

David Strobridge was moving a garbage bin when the truck appears to have coasted forward and hit him. Cal/OSHA is is still investigating the fatality in order to understand what happened.

Emergency medical workers and firefighters rushed to the scene of the accident and were able to unpin David Strobridge from the wall. He was transported to the Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla in critical condition. Tragically, doctors were unable to save him and he was later pronounced dead.

The cause of the fatal garbage truck accident remains unknown at this time. The breaks on the machine may have malfunctioned. Poor design of the electronic snifter may have also contributed to the accident. Jeep issued a recall in 2015 for some of its vehicles after they began to inadvertently roll backwards and injure people.

Our staff at the Avrek Law Firm extend our thoughts and prayers to the family of David Strobridge as they grieve such an incredible loss. We encourage anyone that may have seen what happened to come forward and speak to police for the sake of all of those that have been affected. There needs to be steps taken to help prevent accidents like this in the future. 

If you or someone that you love has been injured in an accident involving a runaway vehicle, you may have legal recourse. Our team of highly experienced product liability attorneys are here to help you with whatever you need. Whether you’re looking to hire an attorney or just have questions about how best to protect your rights after an accident, we care about you and can help 866-598-5548.

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