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RIALTO: Duddley White Killed In Semi Truck Accident On 10 Freeway After It Crashed Through The Center Median

  Duddley White Died In Fatal Truck Accident After Hitting Multiple Vehicles Head On At Highway 10 RIALTO, CALIFORNIA (February 22, 2018) – Five people were tragically killed in a truck accident on the 10 Freeway after it plowed through the center median and crashed into oncoming traffic. Rialto authorities have been able to identify […]

SANTA ROSA: Woman Killed In Smart Train Accident By Hearn Avenue

  Fatal Train Accident By Hearn Avenue Leaves One Woman Dead SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA (February 22, 2018) – A woman was tragically killed in a train accident by Hearn Avenue. Authorities believe the woman involved in the train accident may have been suicidal. Santa Rosa Authorities are still trying to determine the identity of the […]

STOCKTON: 15 People Injured In Bus Accident near Jack Tone and Eight Mile Roads

  Bus Accident near Jack Tone and Eight Mile Roads Injured 15 People After Bus Driver Ran Stop Sign STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA (February 20, 2018) – At least 15 people were injured in a bus accident near Jack Tone and Eight Mile Roads  in Stockton. In all, 15 people were injured in the bus accident and several victims […]

SANTA YNEZ: Jose Guido Killed In Fight With Security Guard at Chumash Casino In Parking Structure

  Jose Guido  Died In Fatal Shooting In Parking Structure At The Chumash Casino  SANTA YNEZ, CALIFORNIA (February 21, 2018) – A man at the Chumash Casino was shot and killed in a fight with a security guard. Santa Ynez authorities have been able to identify the man that died in the shooting as Jose Guido. The Santa […]

LONG BEACH: One Man Injured In Fire At The Grace Hotel By 11th Street And Obispo Avenue

  Grace Hotel Apartment Fire Leaves One Man Injured  LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA (February 20, 2018) – An elderly man was injured from a fire at the Grace Hotel located near 11th Street and Obispo Avenue. Long Beach authorities are saying that the victim was transported to a local hospital in order to receive treatment. When firefighters […]

CATALINA ISLAND: Man Injured In Bison Attack At Little Harbor Campground

  Little Harbor Campground Owners May Be Liable for Bison Attack That Injured Man CATALINA ISLAND, CALIFORNIA  (February 19, 2018) – A man was attacked and injured by a charging bison at the Little Harbor Campground on Catalina Island on Saturday. Catalina Island authorities are saying that a man was sitting on a log and that […]

HOLLYWOOD: Four Construction Workers Injured In Elevator Accident After Falling Down Elevator Shaft at Los Angeles Work Site

  Elevator Accident Leaves Four Construction Workers Injured At Los Angeles Work Site In North Hollywood   NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA  (February 19, 2018) – At least four construction workers were hurt in an accident after they fell down an open elevator shaft at a Los Angeles work site. Los Angeles police are saying that the accident took […]

SAN FRANCISCO: Jeremy Gordon Killed In Garbage Truck Accident Near Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

  Jeremy Gordon Died in Garbage Truck Accident Early Friday Morning Near Zuckerberg  San Francisco General Hospital SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (February 15, 2018) – A Sunset Scavenger worker was killed in a garbage truck accident by Zuckerberg  San Francisco General Hospital. San Francisco authorities have been able to identify that man that died in the accident near Potrero […]

YUBA COUNTY: Nicolas Bishop Killed In Gravel Truck Accident After Being Crushed To Death when It Flipped Over On Highway 70 Onramp

  Nicolas Bishop Killed In Freak Accident After Gravel Truck Rolled Over While Making Sharp Turn YUBA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA (February 15, 2018) – A man was tragically crushed to death when a gravel truck suddenly flipped over on the 70 Freeway Onramp. Yuba County officials have been able to identify the man that died in […]

SAN DIEGO: Police Officer and Prisoner Injured In Car Accident On The 15 Freeway In City Heights

  Police Officer and Prisoner Involved In Car Accident On 15 Freeway After SUV Hit Center Median SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA (February 14, 2018) – A police officer and the prisoner that he was transporting were injured in a car accident on the 15 Freeway in City Heights. San Diego authorities are saying that the Police […]