Marty EtcheveryMarty is Avrek's very own true Argentinian. A native to the South American country, Marty moved to Southern California in 1996. As a new-comer to the United States, he did not know much English. He attended high school in Irvine, California where he spent much of his spare time working alongside his parents in the janitorial business. He attributes this job to his outstanding work ethic.

When he was only twenty years old, Marty was given the opportunity to work at his uncle’s law office. Marty’s father, a previous policeman in Argentina, inspired him to get into the legal field and he was soon working for his uncle. It was this experience that made Marty realize his affinity and passion for law and after a year and a half of work, Marty landed his current job at Avrek Law where he has been fighting for clients ever since.

Marty, having a big heart and passion for others, can be found in Newport Beach where he helps the homeless and works to clean up the beach by picking up trash and other waste. He spends much of his free time with his girlfriend, two loving dogs, and his friends. His love for the outdoors often takes Marty to the mountains where he snowboards in the winter or to the beaches where he rides the waves in the summer.